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Metabolic Syndrome Program

Metabolic Syndrome (MetS) is a cluster of factors that puts people at high risk for developing heart disease, diabetes and other debilitating illnesses. MetS risk factors include elevated blood pressure, low HDL (a component of your total cholesterol), elevated triglycerides and blood glucose and a large waist circumference. MetS endangers your employees' health and wellness and can have financial consequences.

An employee with MetS can incur $626 in monthly medical expenses, compared to an employee without this condition whose monthly medical costs average closer to $3671. Members identified with MetS spend, on average, $1,091 in annual pharmacy costs, compared to $282 for non- MetS members2.

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas (BCBSTX) offers a MetS program as part of the Blue Care Connection® (BCC) Lifestyle Management offerings. The MetS program consists of online tools and telephonic coaching for members with MetS, associated risk factors, coronary artery disease or pre-diabetes.

A MetS program through Naturally Slim®* is also available to Texas Administrative Services Only (ASO) accounts. Naturally Slim includes a 10-week series of online classes designed to encourage permanent behavior changes such as portion control, hunger cues and incorporating exercise into everyday life.

Naturally Slim also provides:

  • Member progress reporting and tracking
  • Activities for reinforcement and retention
  • Social networking

Naturally Slim program results3 following the 10-week class period demonstrate:

  • 43 percent decrease in the number of participants considered at-risk for MetS
  • An average weight loss of 10 pounds

Naturally Slim, a BCBSTX Network Provider, will manage the program and bill services as a medical claim that is covered at 100% for BCBSTX ASO BCC members as preventive obesity counseling.

Log in to Blue Access for EmployersSM and visit the Health and Wellness tab within the Employer Resources section, or contact your BCBSTX representative to find out more about how the MetS or Naturally Slim programs can add value to your group's health care plan.

Contact us to learn more about the positive results you can expect from the MetS program and why BCBSTX is the right choice for your business and your employees.

1 Source: Metabolic Syndrome and Employer Sponsored Medical Benefits: An Actuarial Study, Kathryn Fitch R.N., Med, Bruce Pyenson, FSA, MAAA, KosukeIwasaki, FIAJ, MAAA, Milliman, New York, NY, September 2007.

2 Source: Prime Therapeutics, LLC, 2009. Includes Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of New Mexico, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Oklahoma and Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas members.

3 Source: Naturally Slim client data, program results, 15,019 program participants.

* Naturally Slim® is an independent company that develops programs to help individuals prevent and reverse metabolic syndrome and is solely responsible for its products and services.

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