Blue Access for Employers

Blue Care Connection®

Employers need innovative solutions to help employees and their families improve their health or reach their wellness goals. Blue Care Connection — Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas' (BCBSTX) integrated suite of programs and services supporting healthy behaviors and outcomes — provides that solution.

Using education, support, rewards and multiple touch points, our health and wellness and medical care management programs works to help improve members' health and wellness with the aim of reducing claims, so you get the results you need:

  • Healthier outcomes for employees and their families
  • Employee satisfaction with their health care benefit plan

The program looks at how your employees fit into the overall continuum of health care, using predictive modeling tools to help identify members who are at risk with a complex or catastrophic health condition. By detecting at-risk members' health care needs early, appropriate interventions may be initiated through a variety of outreach approaches.

Log in to Blue Access for EmployersSM and visit the Programs tab within the Employer Resources' Health and Wellness section, or contact your Blue Cross and Blue Shield representative to view and download employee Blue Care Connection promotional materials and find out more about how Blue Care Connection adds value to your group's health care insurance plan.

Are you looking for a health care insurer for your company or organization?

Contact us to learn more about the positive results you can expect from Blue Care Connection and why Blue Cross and Blue Shield, the most trusted name in the industry, is the right choice for your business and your employees.

The Value of Blue Care Connection: Empowering members to take charge of their health .

Blue Care Connection resources are not a substitute for the medical advice of a physician. Members are instructed to discuss any health questions or concerns with their physicians. Your individual company results may vary.