Blue Access for Employers


Promote employee health and wellness as part of a health benefits communication strategy to:

  • Improve plan utilization
  • Increase awareness that leads to healthier decision-making
  • Reduce health care costs for everyone

Discover BlueResource – a library of turnkey wellness communications that current employer group clients can use to create or supplement employee health care communications. There are more than 3,600 communication options to choose from – fliers, posters, email campaigns, monitor signs and videos.

Easy to Distribute

Group clients can distribute the files electronically, copy content from the Word versions of the material to use in existing company communications or print the PDFs.

Access BlueResource Files

Group clients can easily gain access to the BlueResource library. Clients can go to the BlueResource website and register. Once registered, clients will have immediate access to the website.

Are you looking for a health care insurer for your company or organization?

Contact us to learn more about the positive results you can expect from BlueResource and why Blue Cross and Blue Shield, the most trusted name in the industry, is the right choice for your business and your employees.