Labs for Prompt COVID-19 Testing

March 30, 2021

To assist providers in receiving timely results for COVID-19 testing, we have contracted with labs that have agreed to provide access to COVID-19 testing with results reported back to providers in two days or less. Check the list of those labs here PDF Document.

Members and providers can still use an in-network lab, even if that lab isn’t on this list. However, using the labs that have agreed to provide access to COVID-19 testing and results within two days or less will help to enhance provider and member experience while keeping costs low.

More Information

We are continuing to monitor the evolving landscape relating to COVID-19 and will update the Labs for Prompt COVID-19 Testing List PDF Document as new information becomes available. This list is also available on our COVID-19 Preparedness page under Testing and Treatment Coverage.


As a reminder, we are currently covering testing to diagnose COVID-19 for our members with no prior authorization needed and no member copays, deductibles or coinsurance.

Testing must be:

  • For individualized diagnosis or treatment of COVID-19
  • Medically appropriate
  • In accordance with generally accepted standards of care, including the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) guidance as appropriate